Creating a New Catalog

Creating the Catalog

Open the Catalog Browser via the Unity toolbar. You can find it at DataMaster/View Catalogs.

On the Catalog Browser window, use the toolbar to select New, followed by New Catalog.

You will be prompted with a location and name for which to save your new catalog.

While you can rename your catalog later, it is best to think about what you want to name your catalog so you don’t need to change it later!

New Catalog Window

Viewing the Catalog

Once you create the catalog, DataMaster will generate some .cs code files in your project and Unity will recompile. Take a look in your Project window at the location you specified earlier. You should see a new folder named after your catalog, such as MyNewCatalogDefinition. Inside, you will find the following files and folders:

  • MyNewCatalogDefinition.cs
    • This is the code-file that defines your catalog and the type of data in it. This is likely the only file you will touch.
  • MyNewCatalogDefinitionDatabase.cs
  • MyNewCatalogDefinitionDatabase.asset
    • The Catalog Item Database instance generated by DataMaster. This can be used anywhere that you want to access all items in your catalog.
  • Data/
    • An empty folder where DataMaster will create assets for items that you put in the catalog.

A Note About File Locations

While DataMaster has a convention of placing catalog items inside the Data directory near the Catalog Definition, DataMaster does not require or enforce any specific folder structure. You can move any catalog file to any place you’d like, and DataMaster will find it.